All bold n beautiful ladies out there

All bold n beautiful ladies out there

Well, this piece of writing is neither an outcry of a pity fellow nor the pride words of an overwhelming soul. Yet it’s worth a read which will let you look back at yourselves, exploring how deep you have been a lady! Better put.. how far have you tasted the very essence of womanhood.

There is a lot more to being a lady than simple wearing expensive clothing, and sophisticated jewelry. A lot more than making a perfect circled paratha and tasty dishes. A lot more than marrying before 25 and childbearing before 27. A lot more than being a serving wife and a serving daughter in law. A lot more than having a zero shape taking a lot of pain in compromising your favorite food. A lot more than being a satiating sex partner to your husband. A lot more than striving to fit into the world’s expectation. A lot more than looking ravishing; it’s more than craving to look fairer and attractive. A lot more than trying to look less than your age.

Maybe… if everything of the above matters; they only… only and only adds up a little… very little to what you call ‘a lady’. If so, then who is a lady?

Being a respectable lady is when you struggle to follow your passion even in any adverse situations. Being a lady is when your parents feel extremely proud of who/what you have become. Being a lady is when you never feel anything odd and can’t be bitchy about a woman who has haired leg and bulky figure. Being a lady is when you enjoy the independent person that you are. Being a lady is when you dare to venture out of your comfort zone. Being a lady is when you use your bloody tongue to support an unknown woman/a man on a bus or a public space. Being a lady is when you love and care for your family and your in-laws equally. Being a lady is when you walk away from a guy who ties your wings. Being a lady is when you feel happy about another woman’s achievement. Being a lady is when you pitifully smirk in your mind at the desperate flaunting of a few souls. Being a lady is when you are humble and empathetic towards others. Being a lady is when you never want to compromise your individuality. Being a lady is when your boldness outshines your beauty. Being a lady is when you support a rape victim than questioning her sanity and her enforced limits.

And if the world had enough ladies in its bowels, then we would have lived in a better place called earth with a bigger handful of happy women, not the pathetic survivors we see around.


The Apathy of Life…

The Apathy of Life…

You’ve touched me and
I’ve grown…
You’ve poured the elixir and
I came alive…
Your sparkling droplets
soothed my wounds…
Your beautiful lullabies
made my dreams…

Across the mountain valleys
lakes and rocks.
You flowed and reached me
I sprouted from a little seed
I woke up from a deep sleep
I was full of life
all through my veins, you rippled
The Elixir… the Elixir of life.

One day, I stood up
but there was darkness around
I was strong, bright and bold,
but you were weak, dim and low.
You didn’t flow, but crawled
to reach the dry cracked earth
I overstepped you and walked on…



You are somewhere away from the very you
Somewhere near to Somewhere

Merrily melting with the milieu; Long lost,
yet your soul sets an odyssey to places forsaken

You are here smiling, smiling & smiling.
Another joker; the fate, the world rejoiced!

Everything once defined life
Indiscernibly irrevocably waves goodbye…

Buried soul!

Buried soul!

For each day, we move closer
welcoming the warmth of his wrath;
Melancholic life has reasons to shed!

Why loathe the death, when life is ill
Serendipity! Is that so?
Longed for eternal bliss & met with eternal peace.

Is love a myth & fate a witch?
Is dream a curse & the end a tale?
Is the world a stage & we the puppets

Burying your soul alive, what’s worse!
In the hobbit of heart with dreams unending.
Puzzles unsolved & desires doomed!

Beyond and beneath…

Beyond and beneath…

Like withered petals of a rose from an old book

some lives, dreams are also meant to be…

It’s not just blood that drips from a deep wound
but hypocrisies, anticipations, many perhaps & what ifs

So the universe signed helplessly forgetting the fact
that she is from another world, another truth

And you can’t rip that truth without killing me
unless you are some angel worth listening in pain

There were galaxies beneath her breath and
constellations beneath her gaze…

Home is long lost and there is a varied joy of pain
A wild soul has stories untold & the emotionless tale goes on



Perhaps, this is one of the worst news that struck many, just like me. Like you, I’m also angry, agitated and emotionally drained by our judiciary’s ridiculous act. The documentary titled India’s daughter was always something disturbing and worth analyzing a plenty of cases on violence against women.

I would ask if we hang them, we torture and kill them, is it an assurance that we won’t have people like that or we are taking a step closer to bringing this evil down? I really don’t think so, to be frank. To sort out something we need to understand the root and cause.

What he did to Nirbhaya was not completely sexually, I would say rather it’s the amount of cruelty, sin and violence he has been nurturing throughout his years of darkness he was exposed to right from his childhood. Born and brought up in a slum, God knows how many times he was exposed to violence and all dirty stuffs a person can be through. Indeed, what he did to Nirbhaya was the reflection of the inhuman beast in him. I believe a normal person can’t do that. One who is born and brought up in a family like yours or mine can’t do that. Never.  So where does that come from??? That’s what which is to be thought and put into actions. What do you feel?